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When the food is eaten, the flowers are dead, the tuxedos returned, and the reception hall abandoned. . .THE PHOTOS ARE FOREVER.


We’re glad have come here to visit our site and we trust you'll enjoy what you see. In an effort to be helpful, we will share with you some tips for choosing a Utah wedding photographer and videographer as well as an overview of our photographic approach. We hope it helps you as you make your choice, no matter who you choose. We hope our style works for you, but if not, we want to help you find a wedding photographer that suits you best. There are a lot of wedding photographers in Utah and we can’t do all the weddings. Our ultimate goal is for you to get the quality of photos and videos you want. We want to serve you. But if for some reason we can’t, we hope our years of experience can help you find what you’re looking for.

Introduction to Our Wedding Photography and Videography

As we said, there are a lot of options, so we want to give you a brief summary of what our goal is as digital image artists. Essentially, we’re about making the art of you. That means we use our talent to get a sense of who you are, and then translate your unique character into photography and videography.

You’ll see in our engagement, bridal, and wedding photography, that there is a broad treatment utah engagment photo with guitarof brides and couples. Some are playful and cute, others are chic and stylish, and of course there are some who don’t know what they want, but even if they can’t voice it, we discover the best way to capture their personalities.

The idea is that you want to look your best, so your photographer needs to know how to put you in the best positions to flatter your natural beauty—that’s a given. But that’s not enough. You are unique. You don’t want your wedding photos to look like everyone else’s.

We excel at capturing you at your best while always being true to who you are. We’re not taking generic photos for picture frames, we’re taking photos of you.

Of course, there will be similar locations, similar poses. There are the tried and true shots, utah bridal laying downso to speak. But each photo session takes on it’s own personality, your personality, and new poses, angles, and locations are discovered on the spot as we make the art of you.

The same philosophy holds true in our videography. When you visit our video portfolio you’ll see our artistic storytelling style and approach. The device that sets us a part and helps us best achieve our goal is the use of the documentary interview. Our thinking is, why just see that you were once in love, but what if twenty years down the road you and your kids can hear why you fell in love, in your own words? That’s what we’re going for. You can learn more about our approach below, or by going to services pages. But perhaps the best way is to see our work for yourself in our photo galleries and video portfolio.

Tips for Choosing a Utah Wedding Photographer

Do you feel overwhelmed with choices? There are some many people out who are “doing” wedding photography in Utah that it can be a daunting task just evaluating all the Utah wedding photographers out there. And then of course, beyond all those who are professional photographers—those who get paid to take wedding photos—you may have an uncle or a friend who “can” take photos for you.

Now let me make it clear, that I’m not a photographer-snob, who believes that only trained professionals with ridiculous amounts of photo equipment are worthy of your consideration. utah engagement reflection in sunglassesQuite the opposite in fact. The advent of digital photography age has positives and negatives.

Positive: talented photographers with an artistic eye, who had no hope of becoming professional before, can now more economically get into the photography business. It still takes a significant investment to get an acceptable camera and lens to take quality photos, but it’s much less daunting than it was before. So if someone has the talent, and they are intelligent to ask pro, or study on their own, they can learn the technical side of photography in time. And if they do struggle a bit, Photoshop can cover a multitude of sins. It’s just the amateur spend countless hours trying to fix their mistakes where the seasons pro edits for artistic reasons instead of technical short comings. But again the point I want to make, is that an artistic eye is seems to be more of an innate talent than learned practice, and makes many amateurs capable of getting some good shots for you.

So what’s the negative side of the easy availability of digital photography equipment these days? In a word, delusions. People who think they have an eye for it, but really don’t. Or they know utah engagement bride chin on his shoulderthey aren’t great, but they just love to take photos, these people just as easily can claim that they are wedding photographers simply because they have a digital slr camera that can take photos.

So if you have a relative or friend that says they can take photos only you can determine if they are going to take the type of photos you want. That can be a sensitive decision for sure, but these are your memories you want preserved, not their “big break.” But there is nothing inherently wrong with having a friend or relative shoot your wedding photography; we’ve shot photography and videography for several of our friends and family. So if you’ve seen your loved-ones work, and you like, have them do it for you. Most likely you’ll save money and it can be a really fun experience.

But be sure to stand up for yourself and your posterity if your friend isn’t capable of giving you utah engagements couple leaning out of a wallwhat you want. Like I said, we’ve had people use a friend or family member and it went great; but, we’ve also had several people who had a friend take their engagement photos, they realized that they photography they had wasn’t good, so they then hired us to take over. Even sadder, we’ve had people come to us after the fact and lament that they didn’t use us. Their friend or cheap professional alternative did a terrible job and now their stuck with photos they don’t really care to show to anyone. “We wish we would have used you guys for our wedding photography,” they say. That’s sad for me to hear. We love to take photos that people love. And it’s sad when we meet people who don’t like what they got. Consequences of choice, I suppose.

So when you’re evaluating photographers, first look for a style that you like. There are wedding photographers in Utah that are super artsy. Their work looks like high fashion photography, it looks cool, but it only appeals to a narrow set of people who are willing to have photos that will look very dated and out of style very soon.

Then you have photographers who are very cookie cutter or very rigid in their style. Their photography is technically sound, but it looks like so many other photographers. utah bridal on bench with flowers in colorTheir work is “typical,” “cliche,” and anything but unique or personalized.

The best style of wedding photography to look out for is a photographer who has artistic range. This is important because while it’s the bride and groom who are getting married, the wedding often has almost just as much to do with the parents as with the people getting married.

I’m sure you can guess how many times we’ve worked with a bride and a mother who have quite different tastes and expectations from the wedding photography. A quality photographer can not only capture some photos in the style the bride wants as well as photos the style the parents want to have hanging on their wall, but the best photographers can transcend the expectations and also deliver something that bride, groom, and parents didn’t even know they wanted. How is it that possible?

The key talent you need in your wedding photographer here is not just one with an artistic eye, but someone who works well with people, makes them comfortable, and also has the talent of reading people they’re working with.

I like to be out on location, to keep everything loose and fun, and joke around a little to get the bride and groom to open up. I think it’s also important to have the utah bridal glow behindcourage to admit when something isn’t working. There are times when I start working with a couple in a certain pose, and it becomes apparent that it just doesn’t work with that couple’s personality, so we change it up.

Of course there are times when one member of the couple needs a little more encouragement than another. But almost without fail about fifteen minutes into the photo shoot they’ve loosened up and are having a good time. It’s not uncommon by the end for both to remark that the photo shoot was more fun than they thought it would be. Perfect. That’s exactly what I’m going for.

And I get it. I often joke that I’m a hypocrite—I take photographs and videos of people for a living, but I hate having my picture taken too. But a good photographer isn’t just artistically inclined and technically knowledgeable, it’s just as important that they have a talent for working with people. Because you want it to be fun, you want to be comfortable, and when things are stressful you want a photographer that can calm things down a bit so that you can be yourself. That’s when the photos come alive.

So, to sum it all up. Just because some one has a camera doesn’t mean they’re capable of giving utah bridal couple leaningyou the quality you deserve. But on the other hand, just because someone is yet considered a pro doesn’t mean that can’t to do great work for you. Every pro had to start somewhere. The first wedding I shot was for my cousin. Luckily I gave them even more than they expected and we moved on up from their. The bottom line is you need to evaluate artistic talent and personality first, and then technical competency. I believe it is true that you get what you pay for. So don’t evaluate professional Utah wedding photographers based solely on price. But that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t get excellence for a reasonable price, and you may find a diamond in the rough with a talented but “virgin” photographer. Just make sure you choose what you really want, because in the end, when the food is eaten, the flowers are dead, the tuxedos returned, and the reception hall abandoned. . .THE PHOTOS ARE FOREVER.

This may be out of the price range of some but here’s our idea of artistic excellence in a Utah wedding photographer that we look to: Kenneth Linge. And out side the state Jose Villa has a tremendous eye and technical know with photos full of personality and fun. Locally, if you want a style that is very high fashion, modelesque, Retrospect does some really funky work; a bit extreme for our taste but you may like it.

I think Brody Dezember does good work and I enjoyed working with him. I didn't enjoy the people with Swenson photography that much, but you may find them more warm and personable than I did.

More About Our Artistic Utah Wedding Photography

Living Art Digital is a top wedding photographer in Utah, known among Utah photographers for personalized and artistic photography. Our Utah wedding photography and videography is truly unique and we take time and care to create it; which means we can only take a limited number of clients each year. But we love to put our effort into capturing your personal flare.

So, if you're needing a wedding photographer in Utah, or you've been planning a wedding in Utah and having a tough time deciding which wedding photographer and videographer to choose, the wedding photography and videography services we at Living Art Digital provide truly stand out above the rest. We capture the love and romance of your special day in a unique fashion. We think outside of the box, avoiding the standard mold of wedding photography. As a top Utah wedding photographer we focus on beautifully reflecting the personality, the emotions, and the love of your wedding day as it unfolds.

Our Utah Wedding Videography

We at Living Art Digital, strongly believe in customer relationship and artistry. Forming relationships with our clients is important to us, for it opens up a world of possibilities. arizona bridal at the water's edgeIt enables us to artistically capture the essence of you, your family and friends. Living Art Digital thinks each one of our clients is unique, therefore, their wedding photos and videos should be unique. If you are interested in the standard wedding photographer and videographer in Utah, then Living Art Digital is not for you.

Many couples, who plan their weddings in Utah, choose us to shoot their wedding photographs and create their wedding videos. Why? Because we differ from the normal Utah wedding photographers. Our services are not mechanical they are heartfelt, beautiful and moving. We are one of the top wedding photographers in Utah. Living Art Digital keeps it real and free of all cheese and gimmicks. We intimately-personalize your wedding day. The wedding photos and video we take consist of genuine smiles and emotions. Real photos - real videos - of real people. Photography -Utah wedding expert, Utah wedding videographer - whatever your needs are please email us or check availability here.

Living Art Digital provides first class services and memorable keepsakes to each bride and groom. We are ready to capture wedding photography that will speak directly to your heart.