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Description of Utah Wedding Videography Services:

Romance Story and Documentary Interview:
Weeks before the wedding day, the bride and groom will be filmed as they are interviewed both separately and together. We then join the couple on a date to a personalized location where the romance story is shot in a cinematic style to capture the spontaneous, romantic, and playful interactions which we will blend with the interviews and music of the couple's choice. This film segment will be completed to view at the reception.

Photo Montage:
An artistic presentation of both personal pictures and home video clips (if the couple chooses) showing the bride and groom through the years and together. These of course are set to music. We recommend choosing the same number of photos of the bride growing up as with the groom, and then submit some photos of the couple together since they’ve been dating.

Wedding Ceremony:
Special moments are captured in a romantic and classy way at your ceremony. It will highlight family, friends, vows and many other memorable details. Temple Grounds: From the very moment you exit the doors of the temple, this segment of filming will highlight the spontaneous precious moments of the bride and groom, family, friends, photo shoots and the spectacular ambience of that day. All set to two songs of your choice. The first song segment is all about the family and friends with the wedding couple, and the second song segment features only the bride and groom with footage from the wedding day with the select parts of their interview woven in—their message to each other.

Reception Video:
This segment of your masterpiece will feature highlights and defining details of your reception set to music of your choice. (Coverage is of the last two hours of the event).

Additional Artistic Touches:

Commissioned Portrait:
Give the perfect wedding gift of a timeless 11x14 charcoal or nu pastel portrait created by Ashley Lisonbee (formerly an art-scholarship student at BYU, and student at Watts/Artelier Art School in San Diego). This can be commissioned from an engagement shot, bridal or any personal photo of your choice. Note: the features of the photo have to be at least a 8x10 to see details. Your photo is required to be given to the artist one month before the wedding date if desired to be completed and featured at the reception. Note: Framing is not included in the price.

Make-up Artistry:
This is an optional service added to any package, make-up art by Ashley Lisonbee (former international model and Make-up Artist and Consultant for Victoria Secret Beauty). Your make-over will be discussed and personalized at your consultation in order for our artist to assess which colors will be best for your type. On the day of your shoot, please come with a clean face and bring your desired foundation color to be applied by your artist on location. Please plan for your makeup to take up to 30 min. and upon the completion of your application you can make any changes or requests. Also, as a part of the package your makeup colors will be given to you.

Second Camera:
Having a second camera at a shoot allows for more artistic freedom and more opportunity to capture candid interactions. At your request one camera may focus on the wedding couple while the other focuses on the wedding party or you may have both cameras focus on capturing the perfect moments from multiple angles adding a richness not achieved by a single camera. A trained and experienced photographer will operate the second camera under Matthew or Ashley's direction.