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Utah Wedding Photography Services

Wedding Day:
As far as photography work is concerned, the wedding day is “crunch time.” There can’t be any errors, or malfunctions. We always bring back up cameras just in case. You don’t want to be at the special moment and have you r photographers camera malfunction—you lose that moment forever. So we always carry back-ups.

For LDS Temple Weddings, the coverage starts with the couple coming out of the temple. (Whatever the sealing time is, we plan on seeing the couple exiting the temple doors an hour later. Often it’s later than an hour, but rarely is less than the hour. We try to get there 45 minutes after the scheduled sealing time.) After the couple exits the temple we then shoot candids of family and friends greeting and congratulating them.

Shortly thereafter we gather the entire wedding party for group photos shots—entire attending group, extended, family, immediate family, grandparents, friends, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and any other combination of people requested. If the wedding is not on a summer weekend at the Salt lake temple we typically can get started with these right away. There are times when the temple grounds are crowded and we have to wait for out turn on the stairs or other preferred spot for group photos. Group photos ideally take 30 to 45 minutes. Time is limited at some locations during the summer season.

After wedding party group photos, then it’s all about the couple. We visits multiple spots around the temple grounds to capture romantic and personalized photos of the bride and groom. Typically we spend 1 hour to 1 ½ hours doing these photos. So in total we typically spend two hours doing photos at the temple.

For Traditional Weddings we can as early as requested. Typically a half hour before the ceremony is set to start allows us to capture some great candid shots of the wedding party as well as capturing some photos of the bride and groom getting ready.

Typically when we shoot a ceremony we have two cameras with different lens ready and “in play” for capturing the ceremony. This way we can get a variety of shots, depths, and styles without wasting time switching lenses.

Once the ceremony is over we spend a few minutes taking candids of family and friends congratulating the couple and we then gather everyone for group shots—entire attending group, extended, family, immediate family, grandparents, friends, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and any other combination of people requested.

Once those are complete we spend the remaining time photographing the couple around the ceremony location.

Of course no wedding and no wedding parties needs are exactly the same, so time allotments and schedules can be arranged as needed.

At the reception location, one hour before guests are to arrive, formal pictures are taken of the wedding party in their best dress. The client is responsible to have all family and friends on location on time.

Candid photography of the reception highlighting defining details and guests. Pictures will also be taken of the cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter throw, dances, and get-aways when they take place within specified time.

One and a half hours at one location of the bride's choice, designed to capture the bride at her best in a sheik and fashionable way. The choice of location is usually the result of our discussion with the bride as to what she likes, her personality, her style, and places we’re familiar with that will compliment her.

We strongly encourage the groom to come along for some photos with the bride. Of course it isn’t necessary, but it is a great opportunity to get some fabulous photos of the bride and groom together. Typically the bridals are shot at the most ideal time of day for lighting. Wedding day photos happen when the wedding happens, regardless of lighting quality. We love bridal photos with both bride and groom. Typically we shoot one third with the couple and two thirds of just the bride.

Plus, it gives the groom an extra opportunity to enjoy his bride in her wedding dress.

One and a half hours at one location of the couple's choice, to capture both formal and candid shots of the couple's romance. Again, the choice of location is usually the result of our discussion with the couple as to what they like, their personality, their style, and places we’re familiar with that will compliment their personal flare.

Designer Flushmount Albums:
An artistic, timeless, and permanent preservation of your photography, the Designer Albums are hardbound 24 page books in which the photographs are printed directly on high quality photopaper mounted on a thin board. 12 of the pages are single picture enlargements of your choice, while the opposite 12 pages are custom collages highlighting the best photographs from all photo sessions. The Couple's Album is 12 x 12 inches while the Parents' album is 10 x 10 inches, but they are identical in design and layout.

Additional Artistic Touches:

Commissioned Portrait:
Give the perfect wedding gift of a timeless 11x14 charcoal or nu pastel portrait created by Ashley Lisonbee (formerly an art-scholarship student at BYU, and student at Watts/Artelier Art School in San Diego). This can be commissioned from an engagement shot, bridal or any personal photo of your choice. Note: the features of the photo have to be at least a 8x10 to see details. Your photo is required to be given to the artist one month before the wedding date if desired to be completed and featured at the reception. Note: Framing is not included in the price.

Make-up Artistry:
This is an optional service added to any package, make-up art by Ashley Lisonbee (former international model and Make-up Artist and Consultant for Victoria Secret Beauty). Your make-over will be discussed and personalized at your consultation in order for our artist to assess which colors will be best for your type. On the day of your shoot, please come with a clean face and bring your desired foundation color to be applied by your artist on location. Please plan for your makeup to take up to 30 min. and upon the completion of your application you can make any changes or requests. Also, as a part of the package your makeup colors will be given to you.

Second Camera:
Having a second camera at a shoot allows for more artistic freedom and more opportunity to capture candid interactions. At your request one camera may focus on the wedding couple while the other focuses on the wedding party or you may have both cameras focus on capturing the perfect moments from multiple angles adding a richness not achieved by a single camera. A trained and experienced photographer will operate the second camera under Matthew or Ashley's direction.